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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) continue to grow in number, and latest estimates put the total at a little over 600 ACOs in the United States. If you are not currently part of an ACO, chances are you are one of the seventy five percent of healthcare providers who are participating in at least one type of value-based payment model. And while there are different models and definitions, at its core is the idea that healthcare providers are starting to bear more and more risk for defined populations.

In order to launch a successful ACO, you need to operate and streamline a lot of moving parts, including establishing a sound governance structure, selecting the right information systems, designing the financial funds flow and a host of other deliverables.

Hayes’ ACO Advantage is a menu of services designed to support the multiple stages of ACO transformation. Whichever stage you are in, from exploring the possibility to analyzing the technology to executing managed care contracts, Hayes can help you build a successful ACO. The ACO model may be new, but Hayes consultants have been working with healthcare organizations like yours for decades to analyze and improve operations. You might say it’s in our DNA.

Hayes offers the following ACO Advantage services based on your organization’s stage:

Stage: ACO Consideration

  • ACO Leadership Program: Hayes consultants take your executive team through a one-day seminar on ACOs, the benefits and risks to your organization and lessons learned from peer organizations.
  • ACO Readiness Assessment: Hayes consultants perform a thorough ACO readiness assessment of your organization to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and next steps.

Stage: ACO Formation

  • ACO Visioning Session: Our facilitated visioning session starts to set the framework of efforts needed to move forward, including carving out governance and establishing a steering committee. This session provides the initial roadmap for ACO development.
  • System Selection: There are hundreds of information systems that describe themselves as having complete solutions for all of your ACO needs. Hayes consultants are technology-diverse and experts in helping you choose the right systems based on needs, budget, potential for growth, and other customized criteria.
  • Managed Care Contract Analysis: Understanding the rules of engagement with your managed care partners can make or break an ACO. Hayes consultants analyze your contracts and provide recommendations so that you can effectively negotiate ACO contracts.
  • Financial Funds Flow: Hayes consultants work with you to determine the appropriate patient per month fee based on risk and distribution to your network of physicians.

Hayes has been providing consulting services to healthcare organizations for more than twenty years and leverages this expertise in ensuring your success. To learn how we can help you form or refine an ACO, REQUEST INFORMATION.

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