Revenue Cycle Optimization

Your organization’s revenue cycle is the financial driver of everything you do. So, it’s fair to say that an optimized revenue cycle translates to a financially successful organization.

What is revenue cycle optimization? Revenue cycle optimization is a term that can be defined in a myriad of ways, depending on who is doing the describing. To us, it means improving your revenue by improving both above the line and below the line operations. How do we do this? We start with a revenue cycle assessment, which is a methodical analysis of your current revenue cycle, including your operational processes, technology, data and staffing.

Once we have completed the analysis, we provide you a list of opportunities for improvement based on level of effort and expected impact. Next, we work closely with you to prioritize initiatives and then help you implement them.

We have been optimizing revenue cycles for more than twenty years, and we recognize that in order to be successful with an optimization project, it’s critical to first recognize the interconnected relationship between all of your organization’s staff, process and technology and then respect the integrity of this network.

But, perhaps more importantly is the choice you make on who you partner with to do this mission-critical work. We often talk about Hayes consultants’ real world healthcare experience, because we think it’s important. Our consultants come from a wide variety of management roles in healthcare organizations like yours, and weave this pragmatism it into every project. Our consultants have served in a variety of healthcare roles including:

  • Department Senior Managers, Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Practice Directors and Managers
  • Directors of revenue cycle operations
  • Chief Financial Officers and Finance Managers
  • Consulting Managers in Big-4 consulting firms
  • Presidents of Billing Companies
  • Senior Vice Presidents of Revenue Operations

Hayes’ revenue cycle transformation services produce measurable, sustainable, high-impact change for revenue cycle improvement.

To learn more on how our optimization methodology can streamline your operations, increase your staff productivity and improve financial outcomes, REQUEST INFORMATION.

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