Legacy Support

Change is never easy, and one of the most significant changes your organization is likely to go through is a system migration.

One of the most crucial decisions you need to make during this transition is who you choose to partner with for systems support. Hayes consultants have worked on the frontlines of healthcare, as users of the system you are moving away from, and the one you are implementing. Our expertise is not confined to just one system or one vendor; instead, we have subject matter experts who are certified and experienced in a variety of systems. Why is this important? Because it means we understand user issues, what it takes to keep the day-to-day operations moving smoothly, and weave that knowledge into every stage of the project.

During a system migration, it is important that users experience the same level of service, and that day-to-day business operations continue to be carried out. At the same time, internal IT staff needs to learn and implement the new system. We offer multiple services to support your legacy system during the transition.

Legacy Support

Legacy System Support

Hayes offers a range of services to support your legacy system, including:

  • Help desk support: Hayes managed service legacy IT help desk allows you to focus all of your staff on other priorities while Hayes takes ownership of the help desk. We answer calls, resolve issues and perform upgrades/enhancements, if necessary. We have a formal escalation and communication process, and provide our clients with regular status reports.
  • Project and/or staff management: Hayes provides skilled project or interim managers who can manage staff and projects to keep the existing system functioning so that you can confidently focus on the new implementation.
  • Interim staffing: Hayes offers a range of staff to augment your legacy system support and fill gaps in your team as your staff starts to transition over to the new system implementation.

Hayes is unique in that we always walk away from engagements with them feeling like we always get exactly what we asked for.

Merle Charlton

Associate Vice President, Physician Business Services, Jefferson University Physicians

To learn more about we can support your Legacy System, REQUEST INFORMATION.

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