There are few times more trying than when implementing a new health IT system. Training staff on a new system while maintaining the legacy system is a tough balancing act to say the least. Keeping providers and staff from becoming frustrated at their declining productivity during the learning curve is equally difficult. Add to that the need to demonstrate a return on this very large investment, and it would seem like a perfect storm.

Hayes consultants have provided support to hundreds of organizations as they have implemented new systems and electronic health records (EHRs). Our consultants bring an unrivaled breadth and depth to implementation projects and can provide help with targeted aspects of your implementation, from augmenting your staff as needed to global implementation support, and pretty much anything in between.

We have helped healthcare organizations in their implementations on a variety of systems by providing the following services:


  • Sequence and planning to ensure efficient use of resources
  • Conduct site assessment
  • Conduct workflow analysis
  • Conduct gap analysis
  • Determine which project metrics to collect


  • Manage the implementation
  • Augment staff with specific skill sets
  • Develop improved processes and workflows
  • Improve patient flow for increased provider and patient satisfaction
  • Leverage system functionality to improve productivity and return on investment
  • Provide Help Desk support
  • Clinical content build
  • Provide go live support
  • Conduct training
  • Create training materials for staff

Post Implementation:

  • Create tracking and reporting processes
  • Transition support to staff
  • Facilitate post- implementation surveys
  • Provide training post- implementation

To learn more about how we can help you with your implementation, REQUEST INFORMATION.

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