Data Management

One of the challenges of moving from one system to another is managing the laborious migration of data. Maintaining costly legacy system applications to access historical data is also problematic. In fact, a recent survey from research analyst Gartner, shows that 80 percent of data migration projects fail to meet expectations, running over time and over budget.

This is in large part due to common misconceptions about the migration of data. For example, does your data comply with a standardized format, have your users captured data in expected fields, and is your data valid and of high quality, are all good questions. But the reality for most is that complex patient data exists in various formats, anticipated data is missing, and data quality is inconsistent. When healthcare organizations hand-code or write one-off processes to migrate legacy data from electronic health records and applications, they are doing so to move millions of pieces of data, likely spot-checking only a small subset. As a result, data are moved into a new application with minimal review.

Hayes has worked on hundreds of migration projects, so we understand the challenges. We have also partnered with Informatica to provide data migration and legacy application retirement services. Informatica Corporation is a premier, independent provider of data integration software. The Hayes-Informatica partnership provides a comprehensive approach to information lifecycle management, including data migration and application retirement. This approach relies on a proven data integration platform (Informatica) and a methodology (Hayes) that enables meaningful data access within new and legacy applications.

What does this mean for you? Quite simply, you can expect to greatly enhance the productivity of your business and clinical analysts through the availability of timely, reliable data with streamlined self-service tools.

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