Hayes launches MDaudit Enterprise™: Risk Intelligent Solution that Enables Healthcare Compliance and Revenue Professionals to Continuously Monitor Risk, Detect Anomalies and Automate Workflows

Hayes Management Consulting launched MDaudit Enterprise, a risk intelligent platform that enables compliance, revenue and auditing professionals to monitor for organizational risk and implement an auditing workflow in a single cloud-based platform.

MDaudit Enterprise was developed based on real world input from compliance thought leaders across the country who are moving towards a risk-based compliance program. With this organizational shift comes the need for a robust technology solution that can identify areas of potential risk, proactively identify revenue opportunities and protect against financial penalties.

MDaudit Enterprise works by mining billing and remit data to identify compliance and revenue risks. MDaudit Analyzer, an analytics component of MDaudit Enterprise, provides key metrics focused on current risk areas, allows organizations to monitor provider billing patterns and benchmark against peer organizations. Healthcare organizations are then able to prioritize risks, develop corrective action plans and design dashboards that continuously monitor and provide alerts when issues drift outside the norm of predetermined standards.

“We are really excited to launch MDaudit Enterprise not only because it is the next generation of   revenue integrity software, but because it represents a collaboration with top compliance leaders across the country. As healthcare organizations move towards a risk-based model, they need an industry proven tool to mitigate risk, improve productivity and provide actionable data for informed decisions, “said Pete Butler, chief executive officer and president of Hayes Management Consulting. He added, “There’s a reason that one in eight U.S. physicians are being audited by MDaudit. You could say auditing and compliance is in our DNA.”

MDaudit Enterprise allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Proactively mitigate billing compliance risk and resolve root cause issues
  • Leverage a library of curated proven risk management and compliance best practices from leading peer organizations
  • Identify and resolve revenue integrity issues
  • Identify root causes with actionable data to fix underlying causes of error, resulting in fewer false positives and improved corrective action
  • Benchmark performance against peer organizations to enable continuous improvement
  • Continuously monitor risk areas to uncover risk issues
  • Improve productivity and optimize limited resources through workflow automation


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