Hayes Management Consulting partners with healthcare organizations across the country to help them improve their operations, leverage and enhance their technology and develop their staff so they can solve today’s problems and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. To see our current list of opportunities SEARCH JOBS now.

Our employees and consultants come from a rich array of experiences, many from working at the frontlines of healthcare, but share one important characteristic, collaboration. While other consulting companies thrive on the competitive, type A personality, Hayes hires consultants and employees who enjoy teamwork, share a passion for working together toward a common goal and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. This entrepreneurial spirit is important to us because we all wear a lot of hats and expect our employees and consultants to be able to think outside of the box (and they happen to love doing so).

So, how do we figure out who is truly collaborative? We spend a lot of time talking to candidates to ensure they possess the skill sets and experience needed for the job. We also utilize the Predictive Index to not only understand individual strengths; we also develop our teams based on complementary skills and then match to our clients’ specific needs. We are confident that our success – 75% of our clients hire us for additional projects – is a direct result of the people we hire and the time we spend aligning the right team to the right project.

We refer to our process as the Hayes Way, hear more here.

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